Download Events

Instructions to Export Calendar Events to iCal or csv file:

  1. Select the Categories you wish to export. You can multi-select several, or leave it blank to retrieve ALL.
  2. Choose the Export Date type:
    1. Date of Event   (best used to retrieve new future events)
    2. Date Event Created   (to retrieve events based on the date range created)
    3. Date Event Modified   (to retrieve events based on when they were modified, useful to update existing events)
  3. ‚ÄčSpecify the Start and End Dates, to constrain the date range of your export
  4. Choose the format for your export
    1. iCal is a standard format if you wish to directly import to a web calendar
    2. csv is a standard format if you wish to manipulate the data and customize it for importing into other calendar modules